Eager for a share of the spotlight and hot on the heels of a cancelled Australian tour, Ayaan Hirsi Ali saw fit to voice her opinion again today and contribute to the already high levels of scrutiny facing Australia’s Muslim community. She was quoted as saying that authorities need to more effectively “assimilate” Muslim migrants in Australia and prevent “Islamists” and “would-be extremists” from arriving. Hirsi Ali was scheduled to give a series of talks this week but cancelled suddenly just hours before she was due to arrive. She cited “security concerns”, much to the perplexion of police, the AFP and sec­urity agencies who all stated that there were no known threats against her.

Unfazed by the cancellation, Hirsi Ali decided to stir the pot with more vitriol in an interview with Sydney radio agitator Alan Jones on Wednesday. She stated that the government needed to intervene to stop “extremists” from preying on young men in religious schools and promoting their “attitude of hostility” towards Australian society. She said:

The national government should start first by developing effective programs to assimilate those Muslims who are already accepted into Australia, those with citizenship, those with permanent residency, those with visas.

When it comes to those who are not in the country, I think the government is responsible to the citizens of Australia to make sure that Islamists do not come to Australia.

I think the ideas of freedom, of tolerance, of equality, of free enterprise – these ideas are superior to the ideas of total submission to a god who demands that of forcing women to completely submit to men, the intolerance toward people of other religions, the homicidal attitude to homosexuals. This is what Sharia law, what Islamic law, advocates.

She continued, saying “We used to talk of minorities but I am not sure that people with Islamist attitudes are any longer minorities”.

While it is easy to reject Hirsi Ali for the demagogue she is, it is important to note that she has friends in important and influential places in Australia.

Notorious journalist Andrew Bolt was so upset by the cancellation of her visit that it warranted an opinion piece from him. Regarding the protests from Muslim women stating that Hirsi Ali was the real extremist, putting the lives of Muslims in danger every day, Bolt bizarrely defended Hirsi Ali saying “What an astonishing inversion. Suddenly Hirsi Ali, whose life is in danger, is the real extremist.”

While disagreeing with Pauline Hanson’s “Muslim ban” proposal, Hirsi Ali has gone on the record supporting her “burka ban”, encouraging a greater policing of Muslim women’s dress which she has likened to a “swastika”.

In an interview with Channel 7 this week, Hirsi Ali stated “the burqa that covers the face and that is really very much in your face … that is just like the ISIS flag, it’s like wearing a very big swastika.”

Comments like these come at a time when the One Nation Party is riding a wave of populist, nationalist “resurgence” in Australia. Politicians like Hanson use people like Hirsi Ali as justification for their views, never mind the latter’s extremely chequered history and having been outed as a liar.

Hirsi Ali: a profligate liar and stirrer of anti-Muslim sentiment

Among Hirsi Ali’s famous lies include her notorious made-up statistic that ““If you look at 70 percent of the violence in the world today, Muslims are responsible,” and in a 2007 interview with Reason she told her interviewer that it wasn’t only “radical Islam” that needed to be defeated, saying, “No. Islam, period [needs to be defeated]. Once it’s defeated, it can mutate into something peaceful. It’s very difficult to even talk about peace now. They’re not interested in peace.”

In a 2009 essay, Hirsi Ali criticised President Obama for denouncing “Islamic extremism without once associating Islam with extremism.”

Ali has built a well-earning career for herself, founded on the back of unjust criticism and outright lies against Islam. Ayaan Hirsi Ali was born in Somalia and says she endured female genital mutilation, fled civil war, an arranged marriage to “a draconian Muslim man” that supposedly took place behind her back and death threats from her family (“for offending their religious honor”) before fleeing to the Netherlands.

There, she became a parliamentarian for a time. This “heoroic” tale is marred by the truth which is that she had never witnessed any civil war, is verified as having been  at her wedding by her own brother, aunt and former husband and that her “draconian Muslim” husband paid her way to Europe and later granted her a divorce. As for the death threats from her family, the story glues rather poorly with the fact that she kept contact with her father, aunt AND ex-husband (who visited her in the Dutch refugee center where she lived after leaving him).

“Yeah, I made up the whole thing,” Hirsi Ali admitted on camera to a reporter who exposed her lies. “I said my name was Ayaan Hirsi Ali instead of Ayaan Hirsi Magan. I also said I was born in 1967 while I was actually born in 1969.”

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