There has always been an air of convenience and startling “timing”, as well as political expedience, around the Australian government’s (and its agencies’) interventions into the Muslim community. Nowhere moreso is this more apparent than the timing of arrests, which, despite having been planned for up to several years in some cases, are timed in a way as to coincide with political crises bogging down the government and its ministers.

This sort of timing was apparent in the Howard years and was mastered by Tony Abbott, whose dog-whistle rhetoric around the Muslim community reached a fever pitch with “national security” his convenient go-to issue everytime attention needed deflecting from his abjectly failed prime ministership.

Yesterday, as another such convenient arrest took place (despite, we are told, 18 months of monitoring of the said individual), well-known lawyer Adam Houda perhaps best summed up what was going through many heads in the Muslim community:

We refer in this regard to this old GIMC infographic, which just about captures the moment appropriately:


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