A Community Terrorised – A timeline of all raids since 2001

We have collated a timeline of all terror related raids and charges carried out by authorities. We believe that almost all the reported cases have been captured. The number of raids and charges have either been obtained from official press releases or as reported by news outlets. We also know that many raids have not been accounted for, as details related to terror cases were kept relatively low key early on after 2001.

In any case, as of 23rd April 2016 we have conservatively counted at least 188 reported terror raids and/or searches since 2001, resulting in 73 charges, not all of them terror related. That’s well less than 39% of all invasive and heavy-handed raids and searches which have resulted in a charge.  Convictions resulting from the raids are less again. from 2001-2013 there were only approximately 17 convictions from the 37 charged. During this period alone, less than 33% of raids/searches resulted in a charge and only <15% of raids resulted in an actual conviction.

The figures do not get much better from 2013. There have been 78 raids and/or searches executed with only 39 charges being laid. 7 of these were lesser weapons or fraud offence charges. Of the 4 terror cases cases that have had their judgements completed, 2 have been dropped, 1 case saw the most serious charges dropped and the fourth plead guilty to what seems like a plea bargain. This last case was one where the accused was baited by a Jewish man in America acting as an ISIS recruiter.

The timeline of raids upon the Muslim community reveals an alarming picture. From false arrests, botched raids, brutal assaults, under-handed tactics, exaggerated threats, leaked operations, baiting, bullying, media fanfare, overkill police theatrics,  and cases thrown out of court, to less than 15% of raids and searches actually resulting in a terror related conviction.

It is no exaggeration when the Muslim community says it is under siege by those who seek to exploit their power to further their hegemonic grip over the world. When it comes to terrorism, the numbers speak for themselves. It is indeed more a case of theatrics than actual threat. The authorities have put on a good show, some of us however believed it was true.

If you believe we have missed something, please do inform.


30th September 2001
5 raids, 15 people questioned, 70 officers involved, Zero Charged
Investigating link to 911. Passports and other material such as books seized.


Sep 2001 – Oct2002
30 to 40 raids over the year with no charge. Information related to these raids is relatively scarce. Raids conducted by ASIO.nat_muslimfam

31st October 2002
4 raids, Zero charged
Indonesian families raided for possible JI links. Kids held at gun point.

20th November 2002
1 raid, 1 person questioned, 1 charge, 1 conviction
Jack Roche found guilty conspiring to blow up Israeli diplomatic mission in Australia. Found guilty of conspiring to blow up the Israeli embassy. Jailed for 9 years (not under terror legislation).


3rd June 2003
10 raids, zero charged
Investigating Iranian groups violently opposed to Iranian regime.

willie9th October 2003
Brigette leaves Australia

27th October 2003
6 raids, Zero Charged
Raids carried out after French warning of a terror plot in Australia.

In 2003
Zak Mullah (convicted): In 2003, when he was nineteen, Mallah was the first to be arrested  under then-recently enacted amendments to Australia’s federal Criminal Code Act which introduced specific offences for terrorism-related acts.

1st November 2003ruddock_0
Ruddock concedes that raids are being used to intimidate potential terrorist supporters.

4th November 2003
7 raids
Looking for  links to French national, Brigitte.


15th April 2004PICEDITOR-SMH
 1 raid, 1 charged, no conviction
Izhar ul-Haque charged with training with Lashkar-e-Toiba.
The case was later thrown out and revealed ASIO mishandling.

22nd April 2004

1 raid, 1 charged, 1 conviction
Faheem Lodhi charged with terrorism offences, accused of links to  Brigette. First person to be convicted of preparing for a terrorist act. Also found guilty on 2 other charges.

18th November 2004
1 raid, 1 charged, no convictionFaheem-Khalid-Lodhi-5809188
Joseph Thomas arrested and charged for recieiving funds from al-Qeada. Was found guilty of intentionally receiving funds from al-Qaeda and holding a false passport. The first person convicted under terrorism funding legislation. Sentenced to a maximum of 5 years jail with a minimum of 2 years. Sentence overturned on appeal.


1st April 2005
Zak Mullah was acquitted in April 2005 of two charges of preparing for a terrorist act, when a jury found he had not planned to shoot dead ASIO and Foreign Affairs officers in a suicide mission. He pleaded guilty to threatening to kill a Commonwealth officer and was jailed for 2 1/2 years.

22nd June 2005
“Several” raids, Zero charged
First raids as part of “Operation Pendennis”. Homes in Melbourne and Sydney raided.

27th June 2005
“Several” raids, Zero charged
More “Operation Pendennis” raids in Melbourne and Sydney.

14th October 2005
ASIO chief warns of an attack

2nd November 2005
Bilal Daye and Fatme Iali, the victims of a botched ASIO raid, receive a large financial settlement from the spy agency

4th November 2005
Herald Sun says:  Police and ASIO agents were ready to swoop on several Victorian and NSW properties as soon as new anti-terrorism laws are passed.
Police Raids in Sydney 20058th November 2005
Over 17 raids, 400 police, much media funfare, 17 charged, 10 convicted
17 people arrested (9 in Melbourne and 8 in Sydney) in largest terror raids. “Operation Pendennis” .

13th November 2005
1 raid, 1 charged
18th man(Melbourne) arrested as part of “operation Pendennis”


Bilal Khazaal was Charged with inciting terrorism by producing a book on how to wage a jihad.

31st March 2006
3 raids, 30 officers, 3 charged
3 more Melbourne men charged as part of Operation Pendennis.

12th May 2006
1 raid, 1 charged, 1 convicted
John Howard Amundsen, A BRISBANE high school teacher and a Christian accused of stockpiling explosives at his home charged with terrorism offences. Court acknowledged that he had a mental illness.

28th August 2006
Joseph Thomas was subject to the first control order

4th September 2006
1 raid, zero charged
“Jihad” Jack’s family raided in Indonesia.


1st May 2007
3 raids, 3 charged, no convictions
First non-Muslim related terrorist charges: Three Melbourne men (Aruran Vinayagamoorthy, Arumungan Rajeevan and Sivarajah Yathavan) charged with supporting the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

2nd July 2007
2 raids, 2 charges, no convictions
Dr Haneef was arrested on supcision of aiding in the Glosgow Internatinal Airport attack.  Mohammed Asif Ali, also questioned.

27th July 2007
Charges against Dr Haneef dropped after being the longest detained without charge.

12th November 2007
Case against Izhar ul-haq falls. Judge found ASIO officers had kidnapped and falsely imprisoned the suspect


September 2008
Arrested in 2006, Bilal Khazaal was Charged with inciting terrorism by producing a book on how to wage a jihad. Found guilty by NSW Supreme Court jury in September 2008.


4th August 2009
5 raids, 5 charged, 3 convicted
Charged persons: Saney Edow Aweys, Nayef El Sayed, Yacqub Khayre, Abdirahman Ahmed and Wissam Mahmoud Fattal
Four men in Melbourne were charged over the Holsworthy Barracks terror plot, an alleged plan to storm the Holsworthy Barracks in Sydney with automatic weapons

15th August 2009
Abdul Nacer Benbrika and 5 others were convicted. 4 were acquitted. The Operation Pandanus case.


11th September 2012
12 raids, 11 questioned
Al-Furqan centre was raided looking for material related to 11 people.


March 2013
Operation ‘Kirtling’, “Several” raids None charge
An investigation that led to several search warrants being carried out in Sydney suburbs in relation to Australians allegedly fighting in Syria with Jabhat al-Nusra.

3rd December 2013
Operation ‘Rathlin’, 7 raids, 2 charged
Charged persons: Hamdi Alqudsi and Amin Iman Mohamed
Allegations relate to active involvement in recruiting people and facilitating their travel to Syria to engage in hostile activities in the country with Jabhat Al Nusra and Al-Qaeda affiliates.


5th May 2014
Operation ‘Duntulm’, 1 charged
Charged persons: Fatima Elomar
Stopped at the airport allegedly going to Syria to support her husband

August 2014
Operation ‘Appleby’, 1 Charged
Charged: Ahmad Saiyer Naizmand
Naizmand fled Australia on his brother’s passport and was intercepted in Dubai after authorities suspected he was headed for Syria. On 29th Feb 2016 he was arrested for contravening the control order by downloading ‘extremist material’.

9th September 2014
Operation ‘Appleby’
Arrest warrent issued for Mohammad Ali Barylei
Mohammad Ali Barylei is believed to have passed away in Syria.1411026223148

10th September 2014
Operation ‘Bolton’ (Brisbane), 9 raids, 2 charged
Charged persons: Agim Kruezi (foreign incursions), Omar Succerieh (foreign incursions)
A 12 month joint operation carried out by the JCTT. Alleged active involvement in recruiting, facilitating and funding people to travel to Syria to engage in hostile activities with proscribed terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra.

18th September 2014
Operation Appleby, 15 houses & 10 cars searched, 800 officers, 2 charged
145c27d193f0ef3fb9449959fea46bfaCharged persons: Omarjan Azari (Terrorism Offences), Unnamed 24 year old (Weapons offences)
Biggest  Joint Counter Terrorism (JCTT) operation in Sydney . More than 800 officers from the AFP and NSW Police Force conducted 25 search warrants across Sydney in the suburbs of Beecroft, Bellavista, Guildford, Merrylands, Northmead, Wentworthville, Marsfield, Westmead, Castle Hill, Revesby, Bass Hill and Regents Park. More raids happened since.

25th September 2014
Operation ‘Bolton’ (Brisbane)
Charged persons: Unnamed(Proceeds crime, charges have since been dropped)
Alleged before court that the man was reckless to the fact that there was a risk he was dealing with money that would have become a central part of a criminal activity, namely funding people to travel overseas to fight. Charges have since been dropped.

30th September 2014
Operation ‘Hohensalzburg’ (Melbourne), 7 raids, 1 charged (dropped)
Charged persons: Hassan el Sabsabi (Terrorism and foreign incursions offences)
Intellegence from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation when it raided seven properties linked to the Melbourne man, who was charged with six counts of making funds available to the Islamic State and another terrorist organisation. Charges have been dropped.

17th October 2014
Operation ‘Bolton’ (Brisbane)
Charged persons: Agim Kruezi (Preparing for a terror act)
Additional charges brought after his initial arrest in September.

15th December 2014
Operation ‘Appleby’, 1 charged
Charged persons: Ali Al-Talebi (Terrorism offences (funding))
Part of Operation Appleby, investigations  into the planning of a terrorist attack on Australian soil and the facilitation of travel of Australian citizens to Syria to engage in armed combat.

24th December 2014
Operation ‘Appleby’
Charged persons: Suleymen Khalid (Terrorism offences ‘possession of documents’)

9th January 2015
Operation ‘Appleby’, 1 charged
Charged persons: Jibril Almaouie (Weapons Offences and later terror offences)
On 18 December, 2014 a search warrant was executed at a home. Police seized weapons. At 2.30pm Friday 9 January, 2015 a 21-year-old man attended Surry Hills Police Station where he was arrested.

10th January 2015
Operation ‘Duntulm’, 2 Charged
Charged persons: Omar Ammouche (weapons offences), Wissam Haddad (Weapons offences-good behaviour bond & fine)
Operation Duntulm is an ongoing Joint Counter Terrorism Team (Sydney) investigation into alleged financial assistance and support being provided for foreign fighters overseas.

11th February 2015
Operation ‘Castrum’, 1 raid, 2 charged
Charged persons: Mohammad Kiad (terrorism offences – preparation), Omar Al-Kutobi (terrorism offences – preparation)
Operation ‘CASTRUM’ is a NSW Police Force led Joint Counter Terrorism Team Sydney Office investigation into the alleged activities of two men at Fairfield. Arrested after a ‘tipoff’ at a house in Riverview Road at Fairfield, The men have been charged with Acts done in preparation, for ,or planning terrorists acts.

18th April 2015
Operation ‘Rising’ (Melbourne), 7 raids, 3 charged
Charged persons: Sevdet Ramdan Besim (conspiracy to prepare), Harun Causevic (conspiracy to prepare-dropped), Unnamed 19years old (weapons offences – good behaviour)
Known as the so- called “ANZAC Day” plot. Most charges have been dropped and the most serious allegations left include a conspiracy to fill a kangaroo with explosives and let it loose. Like most raids, these also saw police brutality meted out.

9th May 2015
Operation Amberd (Melbourne), 1 raid, 1 charged
Charged persons: Unnamed (terrorism offences-pleaded guilty to one count)
The raids led to the arrest of a 17-year-old male who was charged. Police allege the teenager planned and prepared for a terrorist attack. Police found explosives in his room. Later in court it was reveal by the Herald Sun that he was in contact with the Jewish radical acting like an ISIL recruiter. the “explosives” they found were ground match heads. He pleaded guilty to one count on 23rd December 2015.

25th August 2015
Operation ‘Rising’ (Melbourne)
Charged persons: Harun Causevic (weapons offences-good behaviour bond)
After his original ANZAC day plot allegations, he was later charged with weapons offences for which he received a good behaviour bond.

7th October 2015
Curtis Cheng Shooting (Sydney), 4 raids, 200 officers, 1 charged
Charged Persons: Mustafa Dirani (Organised crime offence and later on 27th April 2016 charged with conspiracy to carry out an act of terror)
Arrested in relation to the Curtis Cheng Murder. At 6am more than 200 officers executed warrants at premises located at Guildford, Wentworthville, Merrylands, and Marsfield. Those arrested include a 16-year-old male and an 18-year-old man from Wentworth.

15th October 2015
Curtis Cheng Shooting (Sydney), 2 raids, 2 charged
Charged Persons: Talal Alameddine (weapons offence), Raban Alou (terrorism offence-aid,abet, counsel and procure). All were later charged with conspiracy to carry out an act of terror on 27th April 2016.
Arrested in relation to the Curtis Cheng killing.

10th December 2015
Operation ‘Appleby’, 3 raids, 5 charged
Charged persons: Unnamed- 15 years old(bail), Ibrahim Ghazzawy, Suleyman Khalid, Mayw Osman, Jibril Almaouie (Terrorism offences/conspiracy to prepare)
These charges relate to material that was seized during search warrants conducted by Operation Appleby investigators. It was alleged in court the men were involved in acts connected with preparations to facilitate, assist or engage a person to undertake a terrorist act.

23rd December 2015
Operation ‘Appleby’, 2 raids, 2 charged
Charged persons: Abdullah Salihy (collecting documents likely to facilate terror acts), Mohamed Alamouie (Conspiracy to commit acts of terror).
Alleged in court that this charge relates to documents seized during an Operation Appleby arrest in December 2014. Charges include one count of conspiracy to commit acts done in preparation, or planning, terrorist acts. Another charge concerns material seized by Operation Appleby investigators in December 2014. Five other men were charged with the same offence on Thursday, 10 December 2015, in relation to the same documents.


26th January 2016
Operation ‘Appleby'(Sydney), 2 raids, 1 charged
Charged persons: Sameh Bayda (3 counts of knowingly collecting documents connected with terrorism)
Accused of collecting three documents, two in Arabic and a third in English that was allegedly produced by terrorist organisation Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in preparation of a terrorist attack. The documents were found on his mobile Telegram account after it was seized and searched upon the execution of a prohibited weapons order on 13th Jan 2016.

5th February 2016
Operation ‘Appleby'(Sydney), 1 charged
Charged persons: Alo-Bridget (21 counts of failing to respond to questions from the Crime Commission about her husband)
Alo-Bridget Namoa was charged with 31 counts of failing to respond to questions from the Crime Commission about her husband, Sameh Bayda, who is being held on terror charges.

28th February 2016
2 raids, zero charges
Officers raided two Melbourne homes reportedly linked to an Australian man, Mohomed Unais Mohamed Ameen , who has appeared in Islamic State propaganda after fleeing to Syria. The ABC reports two properties searched are believed to be those of Ameen’s two ex-wives.

21st March 2016
Operation ‘Appleby’, 2 raids, 2 charged
Charged persons: 16 year old girl-granted bail on 21/4/16(financing terror), Milad Atai (financing terror and later charged with conspiracy to carry out an act of terror (Curtis Cheng)).
Both were arrested in a park at Guildford after police setup an informant to entrap the two into sending money to Syria. Milad Atai was later charged on 27th April 2016 with conspiracy to carry out an act of terror  in connection with the Curtis Cheng shooting.

21st April 2016
Operation ‘Appleby’, 1 raid, 1 charged
Charged persons: Rafat Alameddine (fraud).
The “alleged” fraud ring is not directly linked to terrorism activities and was unwittingly uncovered by the Joint Counter-Terrorism Team as they investigated those raided during Operation Appleby.

24th April 2016
1 raid, 1 charged
Charged Persons: Unnamed 16 year old boy
Police allege that a 16 year old boy was in the “advanced stages” of planning an attack on ANZAC day – the next day in Sydney. However the police say they were unsure of which service he was allegedly targeting. The last minute raid occurred when police “intercepted” an online conversation with an offshore person. The police waited until the next day, ANZAC Day, to make the announcement and to “re-assure” the community. It was later revealed that the police were running a deradicalisation program with the teenage boy but at the same time entrapping him through online discussions.

10th May 2016
9 search warrants, 5 arrested and later(14/5/16) chargedboat
Charged Persons: Musa Cerantonio, Paul Dacre, Shayden Thorne, Antonio Granata, Kadir Kaya. Charged with making preparations for incursions into foreign countries for the purpose of engaging in hostile activities.
5 arrested after authorities followed the accused to QLD. The accused were towing a 7m boat in which it is alleged that they were planning to travel from North QLD to Indonesia then onto Syria.

17th May 2016
At least 3 more search warrants executed in relation to the 5 charged with Foreign Incursions offences.

17th May 2016
1 teen arrested and charged.
Charged Persons: Tamim Khaja, charged with one count of Acts in preparation for, or planning, a Terrorist Act, contrary to Section 101.6 of the Criminal Code (Cth), and one count of Preparations for incursions into foreign countries for the purpose of engaging in hostile activities, contrary to Section 119.4 of the Criminal Code (Cth).
Charged with planning a terrorism attack and preparing for foreign incursions, with police alleging he was trying to get hold of a gun to carry out an attack in the city. Authorities described the plot as “Probably imminent”.


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