The Muslim community has woken up to yet another smear campaign by some of the notorious media outlets; as they pick on another Muslim activist and teacher – Shaykh Khoder Soueid.

The media has employed the same old tactics of cheap personal attacks and baseless accusations to create news from nothing and sell lies for fame.

It is clear that such campaigns aim at silencing legitimate dissent within the Muslim community directed at the policies of the Western government’s, including the Australian government, in intervening in the affairs of the Muslim world and creating havoc to further serve political and economical interests.


Teacher named as holding ‘sympathetic opinions’ about Islamic State

Melbourne teacher Khoder Soueid has been named in a court case. Picture: SUPPLIED

A MELBOURNE high school teacher who is popular with local ­extremists has been named in court documents as holding “sympathetic opinions” about terrorist group Islamic State.

The Herald Sun can reveal extremist online preacher Khoder Soueid works as a teacher at a renowned Islamic school in the northern suburbs.

Mr Soueid, who is a friend of a teenager convicted of planning a Mother’s Day bombing attack in Melbourne, also runs a popular Facebook page, on which he has praised Australians fighting with IS and other terrorist groups as “martyrs and freedom fighters”.

Among his followers are young Australian men who fought with terrorist groups in Syria. He has also connected with Melbourne men fighting in Syria and Iraq.

Mr Soueid was mentioned in the brief of evidence against a 17-year-old Greenvale boy who pleaded guilty to plotting to detonate explosive devices in Melbourne on Mother’s Day.

The boy used a secretive social media account — under the name Abu Yahya — to “like” Mr Soueid’s page and to connect with other ­extremists.

The Australian Federal Police found 27 of “Abu Yahya’s” Facebook friends — many of whom share the boy’s hardline views — also followed Mr Soueid.

“Enquiries reveal he is an Australian-based Muslim sheik. Soueid has expressed sympathetic opinions in relation to the actions of the IS to Australian media,’’ the AFP statement of facts said.

But Mr Soueid says his commentary never incites ­violence and he was just highlighting the “plight of Muslims throughout the world”.

Mr Soueid told the Herald Sun he knew the teenage convict and he was a “good kid.”

The Australian International Academy — formerly King Khalid College — has spoken to Mr Soueid about his public posts but has not taken any further action.

A representative from the school could not be reached for comment. Mr Soueid works as a teacher at the Caroline Springs campus. The Victoria Institute of Teaching has the power to deregister him.

Mr Soueid denied ever preaching or “radicalising” his students. “Whatever I believe politically I would not influence children, they are just young, they are just kids.

“I don’t have an issue with what I say. I’m very careful with what I say, I try not to cross any lines or incite anyone. That is never my intention. There is a constant theme that anyone speaks against the Western narrative is attacked. It is silencing dissent.”

Mr Soueid has defended teen terrorist Numan Haider, shot while attacking police.

After the Herald Sun contacted Mr Soueid he pulled down his Facebook page, which had more than 3000 ­followers.


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