Disturbing details continue to emerge of the recent arrest of two young Muslims for supposedly “financing” terrorism.

Following their arrest earlier in the week, bail applications have been heard in courts and already there are some alarming revelations about how this investigation proceeded.

Among the various elements of this startling case that have come to light include the open admission by authorities that they used active baiting tactics to entrap both the young male and female in question through an embedded inforant:

Details of the elaborate police operation that netted the girl and her friend, Milad Atai, 20, were revealed in court on Wednesday including a secret police informant posing as a young extremist handing over wads of cash and hundreds of intercepted calls and text messages between the 16-year-old girl, her co-accused Mr Atai and a former Melbourne man, Ahmed Merhi, who police believe is fighting in Syria.

Further, it emerges that one of the men allegedly involved in the plot was actually a police informant!

The court heard that Mr Atai and the girl met up with a man, Abdul, who was actually a police informant with a recording device.

These and other issues have led to bail being sought for the young girl, with the fact of an informant being involved being a key point in the bail application:

The girl’s barrister, Michael Pickin, made an application for bail on Wednesday, saying the case relied on too many inferences.

The only possible suggestion that she was knowingly sending money to the terror group was the comment, ​”yes, I just do what Ahmed tells me to do”.

He also said the police may have unlawfully entrapped the pair if it was indeed a police informant or “agent provocateur” who handed Mr Atai the $5000.

We urge all in the community to be extremely mindful and vigilant given the government/authorities’ willingness to resort to such ludicrous measures to entrap Muslims, especially youth. The appalling actions of the authorities in this case do not come as a surprise to the Muslim community.

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