It is one year today since Adam Brookman was arrested on his way back in to Australia. In that year he has never had his committal hearing nor gone to trial yet. This is the harsh injustice of a paranoid government’s ineptitude when it comes to the Muslim community and specifically the issue of Syria.

We reproduce below a social media post by Adam’s wife, which was made today, coinciding with one year of his arrest.

1 year ago today my husband, a 5th Generation Australian. A nurse for over 10 years. A trained and qualified paramedic, returned from Turkey where he had been sitting in limbo for over 6 months because the Australian authorities had cancelled his passport due to him traveling to Syria a year and a half prior to use his nursing and paramedic Skills to save the lives of Syrian Civilians who Australia and it’s allies had been slaughtering with their bombs and support of Assad.

They only allowed him to return straight into custody like a criminal.

He has been in prison for one year And has not had his committal hearing nor gone to trial yet. Where is the justice in that?

A whole year and no progress. A year of prison visits. Taking his 5 children to see him inside a prison. Our youngest daughter only knows him in prison and calls the prison “baba’s house” .

Where is the justice?

If he is guilty of a crime then charge him and sentence him. If he is innocent then send him home. I have 5 children who live their dad and want him home.

He is a Nurse and a paramedic. He is a father and husband. He is a good man. Never hurt anyone. Never shot or killed anyone. Never harmed anyone. His best friend was a stray cat and a frog he adopted whilst in Syria. He drove ambulances and worked in makeshift hospitals. He ran from missiles and was up all night patrolling the skies so the other medics can sleep when it was his turn to stand guard. This is what they want to jail him for? For standing guard over his fellow medics. For helping the injured. Or for saving lives? Who’s is what our justice system is about?

Shame. Shame shame.

Now excuse me while I get my kids ready to go and visit their dad in prison, while the rest of you enjoy breakfast and a day out with your dads.


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