Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has called on Islamic leaders in Australia to condemn the actions in Paris without qualification. This comes after both media and the government took issue with the Mufti pointing out that Australia’s domestic and foreign policies towards the Muslims were making things worse. Though this is nothing ground breaking, the hyperbolic attention and criticism shows that Muslims are being denied to voice their grievances by the establishment. The only acceptable public airing of views by Muslims are those that toe the government’s narrative and agenda. Politicians wish to thrust a section of the Muslim community onto the front line of America’s dirty hegemonic war against ‘extremism’. This is an age old imperialist tactic, using others in the most disposable of ways to weaken an enemy from within, in this case the Muslims.

And to highlight the Islamophobia; when the same points are made by non-Muslims no such criticism is shot their way. Clive Williams – a leading national security and intelligence professor rightly said in Jan 2015:

“While the Abbott government has tended to avoid the issue, the main reason for Australia being targeted is our deployment of troops to the Middle East to fight IS as part of the United States-led coalition. The same threat situation prevails in other nations that are part of the coalition, with IS followers being urged to conduct attacks on home soil.”


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