As the authorities meet with ‘Muslim Leaders’ today, it seems the government will once again use these “consultations” as a rubber stamp for further draconian #AntiMuslimLaws. Holding without charge, someone as young as 14 for 28 days on mere “suspicion”.

TERROR suspects would be held for up to 28 days without charge under laws Mike Baird is asking Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to create in the wake of the Parramatta terror attack.

NSW will also ask the Commonwealth to lower the age of control orders for terror suspects from 16 to 14 — orders that allow police to restrict the movement of suspects for 12 months — after the murder of police civilian worker Curtis Cheng by 15-year-old Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar.

The federal government agreed to lowering the age at which control orders could be applied. Attorney-General George Brandis said: “We look forward to continuing close consultation with the NSW and other Australian governments. As the threat evolves so will our response.”

The new powers would be modelled on UK laws and ­include, if there is a “reasonable suspicion that the person is involved in an imminent terrorist attack”, the ability for an “initial detention period of up to four days, with the potential to be further extended … up to 28 days”.

They would “permit questioning for evidential purposes” and “establish a mechanism which allows a judge to rely on sensitive information that can be withheld from the affected person”.

This means that in justifying the orders, police would not have to present all the evidence.

Under the Commonwealth Crimes Act, people can be held in relation to a possible terror charge for eight days but can only be questioned for 24 hours in that period. The government wants questioning to go on for longer and be admissible in court.

“Furthermore, NSW has requested the Commonwealth lower the age of control orders for terrorist activities from 16 years to 14. This would mean that from 14, teenagers who could engage in terrorist ­activities could have control orders placed upon them, limiting where they can go, who they can meet and what they can do,” a statement from the government said.

The call is partly aimed at avoiding a situation like Operation Appleby last year, where several properties were raided and 15 detained but only one man, Omarjan Azari, was charged over a terrorist plot in which police alleged there was a plan to execute someone publicly. Some of those properties, including Azari’s, were raided again last week.


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