In a case that should be of significant concern and interest to all Muslims in the community, details are now more plain that ever regarding the cases of brothers arrested in Queensland in 2014/2015 who were actively entrapped by intelligence agencies.

In the most relevant and shocking case, the under-cover agent befriended and then “converted to Islam” at the hands of one of the brothers at the centre of this series of cases and investigations.

While such cases have been seen in America, Britain and Canada before, this is the first significant such conviction secured by intelligence officers actively baiting and entrapping people in the community in this fashion.

We bring this case to everyone’s specific attention to emphasise and no tactic is beyond the government (and its agencies) and we should not be surprised by any move whatsoever in this regard. These sorts of cases need to be followed in detail to understand that no-one is safe from being taken for a ride by an intelligence community that is willing to go any length to secure convictions and entrap Muslims.

Based on a report in the Courier Mail today, the following are examples of what took place in the Queensland (Brisbane) arrests and cases:

1. Agents pretending to want to fight in Syria

The undercover operation also included a covert officer “infiltrating” the bookstore and posing as recruit who wished to fight in Syria, in a bid to gather evidence about Succarieh and his alleged ­extremist network.

2. Converting to Islam

The undercover officer, who befriended Succarieh, ­became so entrenched in the alleged terror ring that he was converted to Islam in a ceremony hosted by ­another alleged terror plotter and Succarieh associate, Agim Kruezi.

3. Use of surveillance devices

Operation Bolton also used surveillance devices planted in the bookstore for six months in 2014, and spied on conversations he had with a money courier via an online messaging app, according to court documents.

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