The Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA). The AFPA describes itself as the “sole autonomous political and industrial coverage for all employees within the AFP which includes sworn Federal Agents; Police Officers, Protective Service Officers and non-sworn support staff deployed nationally and overseas.” and ” We are not a generalist public service union but instead are specialists in the Policing and law enforcement profession”.

In an official publication of the AFPA, published at the end of 2012 for a ‘year in review’ edition. “Terrorism and Australia” was the main theme of the publication. Its contents is nothing short of sensationalist and linked Islam with terrorism. Headings included:

“Islamic extremists once again threaten the Western World”
“AFP fighting terrorism & radicalisation”
“Sydney Muslim riots”
“Sheik Feiz Mohammed stirs the hatred ”

And strewn throughout the publication were phrases such as:

“Muslim extremist”
“Islamic Terrorists”
“Australia mainland is not immune from these Islamist extremist”
“Islamist society”
“militant organisations and individuals recruit disaffected Muslim youth”
“home grown terrorism and radicalisation”
“Muslim riots”
“radical Australian Muslim cleric”
“moderate Muslim apologist”
” Islamic leaders”
“Violent young Muslim men”
“Australian jihadis”
“distorted Sunni Islamist ideology”
“hardcore Islamists”
“Christians falling victim to Islamist aggression”

Further, the AFPA sees part of its role to “influence decision makers at various levels” and so called for what has been recently introduced in the form of the “Allegiance to Australia” bill with regards to stripping citizenship from those who travel overseas to Syria, stating:

“The AFPA calls on the federal government to amend the Migration Act in relation to the Citizenship so that effectively it has two tiers to enable Citizenship to be cancelled if:

  • You have been awarded Citizenship for less than 10 years and are convicted of a serious criminal offence; or
  • You have been awarded Citizenship at any time and are identified by National Security and Law Enforcement authorities as a radical extremist that incites religious violence, which, in the opinion of the Minister, is such that it constitutes a threat to the security of the Commonwealth”

The AFP’s liaison efforts with the Muslim community can be seriously questioned if content like this is what their staff is being fed, let alone Muslims being part of such a body. Link to the publication is below.

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