The Muslim Legal Network New South Wales recently held an event in December titled “Counter-Terrorism Laws & You”.

The following fact sheets provided at the event are a highly useful resource to equip Muslims with the relevant knowledge if approached by ASIO outlining one’s rights, the nature of terrorism offences and travelling overseas.

These include:

1. Answering Questions: What are my rights and obligations when dealing with ASIO?
2. Terrorism Offences: What are they and who do they cover?
3. Travelling Overseas: What do I need to know if I am travelling overseas?

The first document goes through the powers ASIO have, what one’s rights are if contacted by ASIO, what a “questioning warrant” is, specific details related to questioning and detention, the AFP & State Police: their powers and extent, including right to silence, removing the veil, body contact, Control & Preventative Detention Orders.

The second document outlines the definition and nature of “terrorism offences”, highlighting the various manifestations and nuances and the consequences and range of punishments that can be meted.

The third document concerns overseas travel and what Muslims should know. This includes ‘declared areas of offence’, the “Australian Border Force” and the range of their powers, tips for Muslims travelling overseas including advice regarding technological devices, whether the governments can cancel Visas or Passports.


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