News out today that ASIO is actively recruiting “blue collar” workers is the latest example of a concerted push by the government to ensure every nook and crannie of society is monitored.

While the news broke through articles mainly in the Murdoch (News Ltd) press today with a light-hearted air, the consequences on those ASIO will increasingly monitor are unlikely to be so amusing.

With government agencies (AFP, ASIO) already having blundered laughably in terms of what they’ve perceived to be “weapons” (e.g. plastic decoration swords), this expanded remit of spy observation is likely to throw up further ridiculous cases where genuine “tools of the trade” are perceived to be sinister weapons in non-existent plots.

As ever, we anticipate that only Muslim tradespeople and workers will ever be the ones successfully “foiled” from the results of this expanded ASIO presence (if it indeed eventuates).

ASIO is recruiting blue-collar spies: Top spy agency wants tradies in its ranks

THE name’s Adam … Adam the landscaper.

Australia’s top spy agency is urging landscapers and other tradies to drop their tools and become 007-style covert operatives, conducting stakeouts using hi-tech equipment and protecting our national interests from baddies.

An ASIO advertising campaign says the organisation needs “problem-solvers with a wealth of life experience”.

“Ready to trade your tools for a role protecting our ­nation?” the advertisement asks in a bid to recruit an army of ASIO “surveillance officers”.

A spokeswoman for the spy agency said the organisation wasn’t necessarily seeking people with specific trade skills, “rather we are seeking individuals who have the necessary attributes”.

“We are targeting a range of applicants, including males and females who may never have contemplated a career within ASIO,” she said.

That would put people like Sydney landscaper Adam ­Esplin firmly in the organisation’s sights.

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