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What is the GIMC initiative?

GIMC is the acronym for the “Government Intervention in the Muslim Community” initiative. In short, this initiative aims to raise awareness about the methods and objectives of the Australian Government’s interference in the Muslim community through ‘counter-terrorism’ and ‘social cohesion’ policies.

How did the GIMC initiative begin?

The GIMC initiative began in November 2013, as part of the successful “Intervention in the Muslim Community” conference. It was felt there was a shortage of awareness with regards to the objectives and dangers behind the government’s attention directed towards the Muslim community. Members of the community who had been monitoring policy developments since 2001 decided that it was long overdue that the collection of information gathered be coherently studied, interpreted and presented to the community at a time when resistance to sinister policies and government sponsored initiatives was lacking.

Why is such an initiative important?

“The deen is sincere advice”, as the Prophet (saw) said. Further, it is an obligation on any Muslim to warn others about something that may harm them. This is all the more important if that harm is related to their deen, for the preservation of the deen is the highest of the sharia objectives.

It is upon this that we felt it important to expose and clarify in no uncertain terms the dangers of the Government policies towards the Muslim community. Despite the use of neutral terms and sugar coated slogans, the intended outcomes of the government ‘counter-terrorism’ and ‘integration’ measures is to neutralise any opposition to exploitative foreign policy in the Muslim lands, to push Muslims away from their deen, and to maintain the general dominance of the present world order. This meant attempting to render Islam impotent by detaching key aspects of the deen from the Muslims.

It should go without saying that such attempts must be resisted and awareness about them in the community must be increased.

What exactly does GIMC do?

1. Trace: GIMC traces the origins and sources of government policies by looking back in time as well as pinpointing architects of such policies.

2. Monitor: GIMC will update you on new policies and measures as they arise. Whether it be raids, laws, personal anecdotes, conferences or government incentives, the GIMC initiative will have it covered.

3. Expose: GIMC analyses the finer details of government-inspired initiatives and exposes the intended impacts such policies seek to achieve in the Muslim community in Australia.

4. Respond: GIMC will advise of possible lines of response in light of a detailed understanding of new policies, and a clear understanding of Islamic principles and rulings.

How does GIMC deliver the above 4 activities?

GIMC has and inshallah will continue to:

  • Hold major Conferences and regular public lectures;
  • Public reports and produce booklets and other related publications;
  • Produce documentaries, interviews and other video productions;
  • Update the community on the latest developments via social media;
  • Establish a resourceful website;
  • Work with other like-minded initiatives in the community to reach common objectives;
  • Provide a way for Muslims concerned about such intervention to volunteer their time and efforts;
  • Reach out to and help inform organisations’ volunteers and shuras about such matters.

What is planned in the near future?

In light of the intensification of the targeting of the Muslim community by the Australian Government, a major Conference will be held on Sunday 1 November 2015 entitled: A Community Criminalised: Innocent Until Proven Muslim?

As part of the conference we have launched the GIMC website, which aims to be an invaluable resource for the community to keep up to date with policies and events that affect the community. The website will feature news updates, reports, documentaries, analysis, advice, reminders, interviews, talks, and a lot more. We will also aim to give the community an opportunity to get involved in the running of the initiative by having the ability to update, notify, and alert others in the community.

How can I get in touch?

Whether it be to provide feedback or to express interest in getting involved, you can contact us via:

Email: info@gimc.org.au

Facebook: facebook.com/govintervention

Twitter: @GIMCAustralia

YouTube: GIMC Australia

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