In 4 September 2015, Mustapha El Ossman was taken from his family without notice and detained in Immigration Detention. Mariam Albaf, the wife of Mustapha El Ossman has been told that he is a “risk to security” but have not been told why. His matter has not gone before a court and was decided behind closed doors.

We previously covered the case here: The facts: young Muslim father Mustapha detained without cause

We are saddened to update that to this day, authorities have not disclosed any details as to criminal offences or any evidence about this case.

Despite this, he remains locked up, depriving his wife of a husband and also her daughter of a father.

Mariam Albaf previously spoke out about the toll her husband’s detention in Villawood has taken on her family. Her husband’s visa was cancelled by the immigration minister, Peter Dutton, on the basis of an ASIO security assessment. El Ossman faces indefinite detention in Villawood and is unable to seek a review of the ASIO decision on its merits because he is not an Australian citizen.

Abdul Albaf, Mariam’s brother, also speaks about the impact El Ossman’s detention has had on his relationship with his daughter, Haffa Arwa Albaf.

Mariam’s brother Ibrahim recently posted a status on Facebook:

A reminder about the particulars of this case:

WHO: Br Mustapha El Ossman moved to Australia many years ago from Lebanon and has been happily married to Sr Mariam Albaf. They have a young child together and live in Sydney’s west. Both his wife and young daughter are Australian citizens and brother Mustapha was on the verge of gaining an Australian visa.

WHAT: The brother is currently being held in the high-security section of Villawood Detention Centre based on a mysterious adverse secret security assessment by ASIO in the last few weeks. This is after he was previously cleared by ASIO on 3 different occasions.

THE ‘SECURITY ASSESSMENT’: Brother Musfapha has never been accused of any criminal wrongdoing and has always complied with his visa conditions. But suddenly, and with no clear explanation, ASIO gave him an adverse assessment in August 2015 and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton used his discretion to cancel his visa on ASIO’s recommendation, which led to his placement in the Villawood detention centre in Sydney.

WHAT COULD HAPPEN: He potentially faces indefinite detention in Villawood and is unable to seek a review of the ASIO  decision on its ‘merits’ because he is not an Australian citizen. This gap in Australian law has consistently been criticised and has drawn the attention of the UNHRC on several occasions.

THE IMPACT: His wife has told Guardian Australia that “I’m moving because I have nightmares that ASIO comes in to my house in the middle of the night and takes my daughter away“. These are some of the emotional words the wife of Mustapha El Ossman said in a video interview.

THE TRAVESTY: Brother Mustapha was not charged with any terrorist activities, picked up in a raid, questioned by police or anything of the like. He appealed the finding to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal on two occasions but appeals were rejected in September 2015 and December 2015. A senior tribunal member Irene O’Connell cast some doubt over ASIO’s assessment given its secretive nature, but it cannot now be reviewed.

We ask Allah to make it easy for the Albaf and El Osman families. As a reminder, here is a video we posted at the time that was originally sourced from The Guardian:

The Height of Injustice: detained without reasonPlease share widely to build awareness with regards to this injustice. Detained without being given a reason! Also please sign the petition that can be found at the below link.

Posted by Government intervention in the Muslim community on Friday, 8 April 2016


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