Over 100 police, including “counter-terrorism” units, stop a Muslim community initiative (Homeless Run) from engaging young Muslims who were going to the Stereosonic Concert for 2015.

A video taken by one of the young Muslim brothers at the scene is captured below, with some pictures.

A description by one of the brothers at the event:

“Today the Homeless Run wanted to go to StereoSonic to persuade our Muslim brothers not to take any drugs or get into any fights.

Within minutes of departing, about 100 police officers stopped our van for an hour and blocked Vaughn Street in Lidcombe to search everyone including our van. Alhamdulilah the boys were very calm and complied with them. However, this is extremely embarrassing for the Muslim community that this is how we get treated when we are trying to do good in the community and help protect loved ones from overdosing on drugs and getting into trouble.”

In the words of some of the Homeless Run team:





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