Government Intervention in the Muslim Community (GIMC):

Bringing you important updates, analysis and alerts on the Australian government intervention into the Muslim community

Pieces of anti-terror legislation enacted during the Howard government

Pieces of anti-terror legislation enacted under the current parliment

Amedments to pieces of anti-terror legislation enacted under the current parliament

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5 Melbourne type sieges that weren’t terrorism

The recent Melbourne “terror” siege drew national media attention, the kind of dramatic wall to wall coverage that saturates news bulletins, headlines, airwaves and social media feeds. One would think it was the ve… Read...


GIMC traces the origins and sources of the Government’s policies by looking back in time as well as pinpointing architects of such policies.


GIMC will update you on new policies and measures as they arise. Whether it be raids, laws, personal anecdotes, conferences or government incentives, the GIMC initiative will have it covered.


GIMC analyses the finer details of Government-inspired initiatives and exposes the intended impacts such policies seek to achieve in the Muslim community in Australia.



GIMC will advise of possible lines of response in light of a detailed understanding of new policies, keeping in mind Islamic principles and texts in the process.

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